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Who we are?

K and L Wines and Spirits UK Ltd  is a truly family run business established in 2007 by Gavin Murphy to help smaller specialist new world wineries bring their wines to the United Kingdom. K and L Wines now carries and markets a select portfolio of more than 500 wines on the basis that, there are many nice wines available to us in the UK via the large  grocery and wine superstores, but those really good wines are less available and need true wine enthusiasts like us and our team at  K and L Wines to seek out and make them available.

Although it is not possible to guarantee that you will enjoy every bottle we stock, we are confident that every bottle will be thoroughly enjoyed but more than 90% of wine lovers in the UK.

So, please don’t hesitate to call me and discuss your wine likes and dislikes and hopefully we can guide you in your choice.

Please also have a look at our Sustainablity Credentials

Looking forward to being of service.

Gavin and Liz Murphy


Bringing the world’s most amazing wines to the UK

We aim to bring choice and enjoyment to the wine-loving public, who are yearning for something a little different. As we celebrate the art of fine wine, we’re proud to source our delicious wines direct from the artisan wineries, then offer online sales and speedy shipping to our cherished customers.

We offer extraordinary white and red wine cases with easy UK delivery, as well as unique varietals, special blends, and sparkling wines for those with sophisticated tastes — all shipped right to your doorstep. Enjoy our stunning collection of delightful wines online, from crowd-pleasing favourites to unusual blends perfect for collectors. With K and L Wines Online, you’ll be able to find premium wines for a good price, as well as the perfect gifts for the wine lovers in your life!

And, because K and L Wines and Spirits UK is a direct importer, you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible prices for our online wines, many of which cannot be found at your local wine and liquor store.

Collaboration with wineries

K and L Wines’ integrated platform allows our partner wineries the opportunity to share in our online wine success. We aim to bring together South Africa’s, Argentina’s, and America’s finest wines in one eCommerce store, while allowing our partner wineries to decide how they’d like their wines to be marketed to a UK audience.

We at K and L Wines recognise that behind every bottle of wine are people with aspirations for themselves and their families: To create something extraordinary. To contribute to the world’s pleasure with exceptional craftsmanship. To constantly create ever-more delightful and creative wines. This philosophy is the bedrock of our sustainable, appreciative approach to wine. It underpins all the core values that drive our business, as well as our sister company Consolidated Wines Ltd.


Our history

For more than 15 years, K and L Wines and Spirits have been providing the discerning wine-buying public with boutique wines made to the highest standard. We specialise in South African, Argentine and American wines, all sold directly from our partner wineries that are carefully selected for their exceptional craft.

All the wines we sell are personally evaluated by our panel of wine experts and enthusiasts. We specialise in supplying exclusive artisan wines to the United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Benelux countries.

K and L Wines and Spirits UK Ltd – Importers and distributors of great and award-winning wines

K and L Wines and Spirits South Africa was established in 1999 by liquor marketing icon BJ Lankwarden and traded successfully for a number of years. In 2002, the company was bought by a small consortium, which spearheaded significant growth in the South African market.

K and L Wines and Spirits UK was then established to supply the UK market with our balanced portfolio of exceptional wines.

"K and L Wines and Spirits' vision is to bring choice and enjoyment to the wine-loving public who are yearning for something a little different." – BJ Lankwarden

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