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Our Team

Gavin Murphy Director K and L Wines
Gavin Murphy

Gavin Murphy is a name synonymous with passion, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to the world of wine. Born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa, Gavin’s journey into the world of wine began at an early age, surrounded by a wine loving family, never missing the opportunity to savour the countries best.

Gavin and his family moved to the UK in the early 2000’s and he continued his studies in wine through the WSET and went on to teach the wine story and it many facets to others, all done in association with the WSET.

Gavin has a Business Degree and a tertiary qualification in Mechanical Engineering, today put to good use in his endeavoured to bring our customers the best possible products at the best possible price, anywhere.

Gavin journey as a wine merchant is a testament to the idea that pursuing one's passion can lead to a fulfilling and enriching life. With every bottle he sells and every wine he recommends, Gavin invites others to share in his love for the art of winemaking and the joy it brings to the senses and the soul.

​When he is not in the office, Gavin’s passion is cycling, both on and off road, cooking, gardening, and walking in the great outdoors.

Liz Headshot 2 Hi Res.jpg
Liz Murphy

After completing her formal education in Systems Analyse through a bursary from one of the big 4 South African banks, and then spending several years in the Financial Service industry working with the highly regulated world of finance, Liz’s passion for the people element in business drove her in the direction of Leadership Development on and international level. This brought her to the UK where Liz championed the early focus and changes in the values culture of the industry in the City in London.

Liz is a founder member of the UK Values Alliance and an invited speaker at several conferences on the subject both here in the UK and abroad. She left the financial service industry in 2016 to pursue her own interest. During her career in financial service, she went on to be awarded a Degree in Business.

She joined K and L Wines in 2016 and as a shareholder and strategic thinking partner to Gavin. Together, they have changed the face of K and L Wines to the fast growing and agile multi-channel specialist wine merchant it is today.

When Liz is not in the office at K and L, she runs her own business dedicated to teaching a holistic wellbeing therapy known as Sophrology, she in co-authoring a book and loves walking and enjoy the natural world around us.

... and in the warehouse. 

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