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Fully customized courses for your front-of-house staff. 

Wine Appreciation Course
Introduction to Wine

Wine Appreciation Course
Introduction to Wine

Core Course Content
What is Wine?

The origins of wine

Where is Wine Made?

Grapes to  Wine journey

The Old World and the New


White Wine

Making of White Wine

White wine and grapes - styles and characteristics

White wine tasting terms and label descriptors


Rose Wine

Making of Rose Wine

Rose Wine Styles and Regions

Red Wine

Making red wine

Factors affecting the styles of red wine.

Special considerations for fine red wines

Red wine styles and characteristics

Red wine tasting terms and label descriptor.


Sparkling, sweet and fortified wine

Methods of production – Champagne, Cava and Prosecco – the differences.

Sweet Wine – how it is achieved and the different types.

Fortified wines – Port and Sherry (Dry and Cream)


Wine and food

Principles of food pairing with practical examples

Principles of Wine List Design including costing


Wines Tasted throughout the course.
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